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You’ll Experience the highest quality IT Training ever.  Whether you’re searching for answers to a complex training need of a business or an individual looking to begin or advance your IT career, then Knowledge Bank has the right learning solution for you.  Our classes are designed around the needs of today’s busy schedules focusing on live hands-on learning and flexible training options.  Our students receive certifications from IT leaders such as Microsoft, CISCO, CompTIA & SAP. 


Hamza Abbas
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Great school and Excellent Teachers!!! Awesome environment and class sizes are small so there is better 101 interaction with the teacher and the students. I am currently doing MCSE in Server infrastructure and i will recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a place where he or she can get real 1 on 1 mentoring and tutoring, this is the place KNOWLEDGE BANK!!!. They will work with you in all aspects and make sure that you pass the certification and will help you progress further in your career. Highly recommended, I am planning to do CCNA also from KNOWLEDGE BANK after getting done with MCSE .
Paul Deosaran
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As a student with Knowledge Bank I had reservations in taking a course in IT that was unfamiliar to me and worried if I would be able to pass and complete the course successfully. With encouragement from my Advisor I decided to expand my knowledge in IT into a new field that I had at first thought was out of my range. I was pleasantly surprise that through a knowledgeable instructor who works in the field as well as teach, but the outline of the course, the hands on training, and the well thought out real world scenarios that I would face in a workplace situation has made me confident not only in gaining my certification, but excel in their job placement that employers expect from Knowledge Bank. If your going to make a choice about an IT school and your advance challenging career. This is the best IT school you could attend!
Major Milk
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Read More Freakin' incredible place. They have helped me turned my life around and the instructors care for me like no others have before. Helped me pay for classes and get my proper documentation for other things. Thank you, Knowledge Bank.
Adrian Aboso
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Knowledge bank is a great place for people to learn I.t. The program was fantastic and the instructor was very knowledgeable and patient with students so that everyone was on one accord. Would definitely recommend sigining up for there programs. The owner is great and helpful. You should definitely succeed in life taking these courses here.
Nathan Williams
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The school is great. The teacher/student ratio is low, which allows alot of one on one training. The teachers don't rush through the material like at other schools. Knowledge Bank works really hard to get you working in the field of IT. I'm currently enrolled in the CCNA course and I love it!
Tarshall Sherman
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The staff here is fantastic an the teachers are so full of Knowledge and will reassure that you know exactly what you are doing in the real world!!!! Love this school...
Ivy Perkins
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I highly recommend this school, weather you're a beginner or have many years experience. Knowledge Bank has a flexible schedules to meet your needs. I enjoyed my time there and the staff was both professional and friendly. I was in the planning phases of getting married and needed help finding employment. The staff worked diligently to gather all resources available and assisted me with finding employment. I'm now employed at SER and grateful for meeting the wonderful people at knowledge bank.
Mike Taylor
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Everyone was very helpful and easy to work with. Classes were fun.
Rosaline Whittington
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Instructors were excellent! I also enjoyed working with a small group of students, this allowed the Instructor to give a lot of attention to the student needs. The owner of the school is very passionate when it comes to her student's success. She works really hard to accommodate their needs. I took the MCSE classes at Knowledge Bank and I'm currently signed up for their Cisco CCNA training.
Drew Eggleston
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My research of possible computer schools led me to Knowledge Bank… great location and it has a low student to teacher ratio. The classes are challenging, however the instructors and staff went out of their way to help me accomplish my goals. Thanks to Knowledge Bank, I am working as a Computer Technician after a four year gap in employment. I really believe that going back to school was the best choice I could have made.
Jason Moy
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This was the best class that I have ever taken. The SAP Instructor was very was knowledgeable. The actual training was learned by hands-on, rather than just getting a lecture. I really enjoyed the class, and I am looking forward to getting my SAP Certification.
Raymon Bluiett
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Knowledge Bank Houston, is a great opportunity for anyone who is willing to venture into the many avenues that the IT program provides for today's technical needs and demands. My instructor, Sid Blankenship, is an exceptional person that is very knowledgeable about the different subjects pertaining to IT. He doesn't talk over our heads and breaks each fundamental down, until we grasp the why and how it is applied. He is big on reviews. You leave each class knowing more on how to configure and apply the different concepts needed for individual business or cooperate. You gain the confidence that future employers are looking for, and you become an asset of that company. The sky is truly the limit with the knowledge you will acquire from attending the school of Knowledge Bank Houston.
Josh Obanion
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This is a top of the line institution. I was able to get my A+,MCSA, and MCSE certification In no time! The school goes above and beyond to ensure all of your educational needs are taken care of. Sidney Blankenship is a wonderful instructor whos passion for teaching (and learning) is contagious.
Erick Starks
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A lot of thought was put into planning this course, developing the curriculum and delivering the instruction. The Instructor laid a very solid foundation at the beginning and then built on it as he went along. He was very easy to understand and he constantly kept the class involved and engaged."
David Mitchell
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The Instructor was certainly knowledgeable, and he did a good job introducing concepts. The actual training was learned by hands-on, rather than just getting a lecture.
Richard Silva
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I had decided to enroll at another computer training school, but before committing I chose to investigate other area schools and realized I was about to make a big mistake. Knowledge Bank offered more convenience, personal attention and job placement assistance. Thanks to Knowledge Bank I obtained my A+ certification and got a job in IT.


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